Today’s modern network and security devices produce a staggering amount of data in the form of logs, alerts, reports, and other event information.  Simply collecting and storing raw log data can quickly overwhelm IT organizations, let alone aggregating and analyzing that raw data for useful information.  As any IT / IS organization who has tried it knows, regular review of raw data is a daunting task that rarely produces useful, proactive results.  Add to this an ever increasing mix of government regulation and industry mandates which all require various levels of log treatment, and it’s no wonder that organizations are looking beyond simple collection but rather to analytics solutions that will help them extract useful information from the mountains of data.

IDMA3 consultants are experts in all phases and aspects of security analytics, providing strategic advice and technical assistance in all of the following areas:

  • Security Analytics program design from the ground up
  • Mapping your Security Analytics program to compliance standards such as NERC CIP, PCI, SOX, ISO, and more
  • Security Information Management (SIM) platform selection and tuning
  • Security Analytics program review and harmonization with organizational goals
  • Distributed log collection and storage system design

So if your organization is struggling under a mountain of raw log data that is doing nothing other than filling up disks, let IDMA3 help you create useful information that can better enable your organizational objectives and requirements.