Audit Support

Has your organization recently gone through a compliance audit and you have questions about the results?  Do you need pre-audit preparation or post audit remediation assistance?  Or perhaps you would like an independent 3rd party expert on hand during the audit process to represent your interests during what can be a disruptive and challenging event. IDMA3 can assist you in all phases of the audit process even when we are not conducting the audit.

Before the Audit

  • SME Audit Interviewee Training
  • Mock Audit Services
  • Audit Strategy Planning
  • Evidence Organization and Preparation
  • Pre-Audit Response Preparation

During the Audit

  • Data Request Response Preparation
  • Audit Interview Management
  • Initial Findings Response Analysis
  • Entity Advocacy

After the Audit

  • Remediation Planning and Management
  • New TFE Submittal Management
  • Violation and Arbitration Assistance